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sleep [17 Feb 2003|04:32am]
sssssh... i'm sleeping.
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blahhhhh [17 Feb 2003|03:15am]
[ mood | content ]

yes. i updated. amazing. i was looking at my friend's journals... kirsten you and val look really good together. =)
i was upsetted today because my uncle wouldn't let me spend the night at eash's. eash is my best friend. i love her. so, i think he should have been nice and allow me to spend the night there. bleh. meanheaded people. anyways. i'm extremely tired but i thought i would say something. i love you john and totty and eash. night night
<3 studette

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hell [03 Feb 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yea the school is turning into an effing prison. it's honestly lame. if i wanted to be in prison, i'd murder somebody. eh. school is just lame and mr. murray is an asswhore. but that's school, so i'm really not caring much. i just cannot wait to graduate and get my ass out of school. anyways, other then that, so far my day has been eh ok. very distant and "spacey" today, but that's ok. hopefully today, i'll go do something and get off my ass, but as of right now, chances of that are very slim. well yea, maybe something extremely exciting will happen later (doubt it) and then i'll have something to write about. if nothing happens, oh too bad. bye <3 studette

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oh oh the boringness [02 Feb 2003|10:26pm]
[ mood | horny ]

did today just blow or not? i would say it did. it was ok i guess, but i did the same thing i've done everyday this week -- nothing. Rhiannon's gonna grill my ass tomorrow, i think. cuz i wasn't at school for two days so i couldn't complete the interview for the paper, but, maybe she'll understand. john gave me good sex today. so could i cannot type. i still am having a bit of a hard time typing. his ear sex gets to me. haha. yes. i am cold and my nipples fell off like... 6 times today. so my superglue is almost gone damnit! lol. that means i can't glue my hands together tomorrow. aw shucks. oh who cares. not me. ok. i'm done rambling on to myself. creative writing is hard. goodbye <3 studette

P.S. i left a surprising mood of horniess for you all to amuse yourself with.

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today got better =) [02 Feb 2003|05:01am]
[ mood | hyper ]

yes. it has been accomplished. i have been happy for an amount of time. how amazing right? yes. i think so. although i have no life and sat on the computer all day, i talked to john for around 12 hours straight. yes. it was fun. i am his ear and belly button sex slave. do not ask. lol. right now i would be cold. very cold. but that's ok, cuz i'm still happy. sort of tired. sort of hyper. oh well. i'll stay up -- i think. i don't know. if you have not noticed i'm very out of it. =p but once again, that is ok, cuz i am happy. hah. eash got a fishee. i tried to talk her into naming it Erica. she wouldn't. she named it Salsbury Steak Fish. Sal for short. how original is that? very. that is eash for you. well. goodnight/goodmorning. whatever you choose to accept. bye bye <3 studette.

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blah [01 Feb 2003|03:45pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

yea. i want to cry again. what the eff? why? i don't know. rawr. this sucks monkey balls and goat dick. is there ever going to be a possibility of me being happy? i don't think so. cuz i can say i'm happy, but i know i'm lying when i say that. so, someone, please tell me, if you know, will i ever be happy? will i ever not want to cry for no reason? er... better yet... will i ever be a normal person? no. no. no. i doubt any of that can happen. maybe, i should move out of fraser, and get myself a new identity. i don't know where i'd go though, because, if i move in with my dad, i'd surely be dead by the end of the first week living there. all my relatives live in fraser too, so that doesn't work out. maybe i just need to die? hmm i don't know. if you're one of the few people that consider me a friend, thank you, but perhaps you should un-consider me a friend cuz i'm too not right in the head to be called a friend. you should all have someone much more better and normal to have as friends. anyways. i am cold and bored. so i am going to leave you now. bye. x studette

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ehh [01 Feb 2003|12:23am]
[ mood | depressed ]

yea something is horribly wrong with me and i really would like to know what it is, but i really don't know. i want to burst into tears and i have no clue why, cuz i have no reason to be upset. but i didn't cry cuz i can hold tears in like that. yes i can. anyways. today was pretty good, except for now, i guess. i went back to school, bleh. and then i came home, and sat on my ass all day, cuz i have no life what-so-ever. bleh. i had my shrink thingy-ma-bob appointment today. it was boring. then i came home, and guess what i did? sat on my ass. how exciting right? not really. hopefully tomorrow will bring better times. bleh. oh yea, my mom didn't have a flippin' heart attack about my grades, which is odd, because, i thought she'd ground me atleast until progress reports, if not longer. but she hasn't. i like this side of my mom. lol. anyways, i am going to go. bye bye <3 studette

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