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today got better =)

yes. it has been accomplished. i have been happy for an amount of time. how amazing right? yes. i think so. although i have no life and sat on the computer all day, i talked to john for around 12 hours straight. yes. it was fun. i am his ear and belly button sex slave. do not ask. lol. right now i would be cold. very cold. but that's ok, cuz i'm still happy. sort of tired. sort of hyper. oh well. i'll stay up -- i think. i don't know. if you have not noticed i'm very out of it. =p but once again, that is ok, cuz i am happy. hah. eash got a fishee. i tried to talk her into naming it Erica. she wouldn't. she named it Salsbury Steak Fish. Sal for short. how original is that? very. that is eash for you. well. goodnight/goodmorning. whatever you choose to accept. bye bye <3 studette.
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