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oh oh the boringness

did today just blow or not? i would say it did. it was ok i guess, but i did the same thing i've done everyday this week -- nothing. Rhiannon's gonna grill my ass tomorrow, i think. cuz i wasn't at school for two days so i couldn't complete the interview for the paper, but, maybe she'll understand. john gave me good sex today. so could i cannot type. i still am having a bit of a hard time typing. his ear sex gets to me. haha. yes. i am cold and my nipples fell off like... 6 times today. so my superglue is almost gone damnit! lol. that means i can't glue my hands together tomorrow. aw shucks. oh who cares. not me. ok. i'm done rambling on to myself. creative writing is hard. goodbye <3 studette

P.S. i left a surprising mood of horniess for you all to amuse yourself with.
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