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yea something is horribly wrong with me and i really would like to know what it is, but i really don't know. i want to burst into tears and i have no clue why, cuz i have no reason to be upset. but i didn't cry cuz i can hold tears in like that. yes i can. anyways. today was pretty good, except for now, i guess. i went back to school, bleh. and then i came home, and sat on my ass all day, cuz i have no life what-so-ever. bleh. i had my shrink thingy-ma-bob appointment today. it was boring. then i came home, and guess what i did? sat on my ass. how exciting right? not really. hopefully tomorrow will bring better times. bleh. oh yea, my mom didn't have a flippin' heart attack about my grades, which is odd, because, i thought she'd ground me atleast until progress reports, if not longer. but she hasn't. i like this side of my mom. lol. anyways, i am going to go. bye bye <3 studette
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